It was fun

Jim's hobby

I have been collecting since the early 1970's, when I spent my hard earned allowance, against my parents wishes, on Topps Baseball Cards.  I would make trades with friends one for one, it didn't matter who the player was, just that I had a double to trade for someone that I didn't have.  Now of course, we don't do it that way.  But I will still trade a single more "valuable" card for lots of less "valuable" cards if they are ones that I would like to have.

I have taken a couple of breaks since that auspicious beginning, getting back into the hobby, like everyone else, in the late 80's, stayed for a few years, and disappeared again until sometime in the mid 2000's when I discovered online buying.  During the time of spending too much money, I was invited by Owen Sterner to join an online trading group called Trading Bases.  My time in that group has rekindled the fun of collecting.  Being able to just trade cards and not have to have any money change hands has not only been fun, but the others have helped me expand my Minnesota Twins collection.  And at the same time, I have added several sets to my inventory.

I do have a few of the cards remaining from my childhood days that I will trade, along with a large assortment of years and brands from this century.  Cards are organized by player and by teams, just check the headings above.  I will also trade completed or starter sets that I have.